Standby generators should be maintained to ensure they come online during power failure.

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On site or dedicated workshop repairs bringing your system up to current legislation.

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Load Bank Test

We supply, offload & install many different hire solutions and offer fuel management.

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Generator Load Bank testing as well as fuel storage, analysis and polishing.

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In this hi-tech age we rely more and more upon computer and electronic systems, and as a result we must ensure there is a reliable power supply, or suffer the consequences such as: loss of data; loss of communications with a resultant loss in revenue; in those establishments providing medical support services the possibility of the loss of life.


Standby generator systems provide a solution, but to ensure they come on line during a power failure these systems need to be maintained.


Preventative maintenance and servicing is vital in ensuring generators perform correctly when the mains power supply fails.  Most people do not have the time or technical expertise to carry out this task and only give the equipment a cursory check, or at best run it up now and again.  Consequently when the equipment is needed it often fails, due to the varying number of faults liable to occur when it is only used intermittently.

Data Centre Drives Protected By DQM UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply


Repairs can be carried out on site or at our dedicated workshop at Blackbrook Business Park, Hampshire.  We source our spares from the world's leading original equipment manufacturers including:


Lister - Perkins - Cummins - Volvo - Ford - Iveco - Detroit - Dorman - John Deere - Puma - MTU - Mitsubishi - Deep Sea Electronics - Fozmula - SDMO - FG Wilson


We can provide customers with the benefit of improved technology by bringing systems up to date or in line with current legislation without having to purchase or install new equipment.


Our team of engineers can upgrade:

  • Control Panels
  • Control equipment
  • Fuel storage tanks and pipe work to current OFTEC regulations.


If required we can also relocate or move complete systems and carry out any necessary electrical installations.


For those equipments encapsulated in sound proof containers we offer our customers a cleaning, de-rusting and patch painting site service.  Plus, for equipment being moved or relocated, we can offer a full repaint service at Blackbrook Business Park, Hampshire, helping prolong the containers life whilst ensuring the generating equipment contained therein stays protected from the elements.

Diesel Generator Canopy In Need Of Repair
Diesel Generator Canopy After Refurbishment Giving It A New Lease Of Life

Load Bank Test

Customer's confidence in the ability for the standby generator system to perform when called upon in an emergency is essential.  In addition to routine preventative maintenance and user maintenance / start ups, some customers require absolute assurance in the generator capability.  Where testing the generator on building load is not possible or in appropriate, we can provide "load bank" testing in order to place the system under full generator output.


A portable "load bank" meets the requirements for testing generator sets on site with the minimum of disruption.  The equipment under test is electrically isolated from the building and hence there is no interruption of power supply to the customer.


The "load bank" will test the generator to its full rated load under controlled conditions.  On completion of the test a written report will be provided giving all the test results and identifying any recommendations deemed necessary.


As well as providing the customer with peace of mind that the equipment is performing as installed and will operate to its maximum, it has the added benefit of getting the generator diesel engine up to full operating temperature with the resultant burning off of carbon deposits built up by running it off load or on light load conditions.

Loadbank Test Equipment To Ensure Running Capabilities Of Diesel Generators And Backup Power


  • Fuel and Fuel Storage

    We are able to offer customers:

    • Oil storage tank installations including all pipe work and ground works (OFTEC Compliance)
    • Fuel transfer systems
    • Tank cleaning
    • Tank and line integrity testing
    • Fuel analysis and polishing
    • OFTEC surveys
    • Refuelling service/monitoring - from small quantities to bulk deliveries through our contracts and with leading fuel supply companies.
  • Fuel Analysis and Fuel Polishing

    It is fact that standby generators stand idle for the majority of their life doing what they are designed to do, standing by ready to supply power in the event of mains power failure.  However, the diesel fuel used to power the engines also sits around in its tank for the majority of its life waiting to be used, and apart from user start ups, routine servicing and load bank testing, very little of it is actually used.


    Between six to twelve months after a delivery the fuel tank will condensate water into the fuel.  During this period bacterial growth in the fuel also begins and creates a dark sludge which settles to the bottom of the tank and this, along with the water, waits to be drawn into the generator fuel system.  If allowed to do so it can cause a reduction in power or system failure and a possibility of the fuel becoming unusable.


    A way of eliminating this is by "polishing" the fuel.  This is done by passing fuel from the bottom of the tank through a series of electromechanical filters which remove water, sludge, solid particles and kill off any bacterial growth.  The polished fuel is then reintroduced into the top of the tank.


    We carry out this process in isolation to the generator fuel system thereby not impinging on its primary function as a standby generator.


    Before any fuel polishing takes place samples of fuel will be taken from the tank and are sent away to an independent laboratory for analysis.  On receipt of the findings the client will be notified and any further actions agreed.

  • Things to remember about fuel!

    • Diesel fuel stored in bulk fuel tanks for long periods will become contaminated by water, bacterial sludge and solids.
    • Contaminated fuel will reduce the power output of diesel engines/generators and in some cases cause system failure resulting in costly repairs.
    • Fuel polishing removes all traces of contamination and returns fuel to its original condition.
    • Fuel polishing is carried out in isolation to the functioning of the generator and its systems and therefore does not affect its operation.
    • Polishing fuel is a cost effective way of reinstating it to its original condition.
    • Prior to any fuel polishing, fuel samples from the tank are sent to an independent laboratory for analysis and all findings and recommendations are passed to the customer.
    • Any size of fuel tank can have its fuel polished.

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